Ready… Set… Pause?

If at 18, you had asked me what my life plan was, the generic, well-practiced answer would have been that I’d be married at 24 and working as whatever my dream job at 18 was.

7 years and a few months later, I am a single, unemployed stay-at-home adult with no marriage prospects and a daily routine that does not include working to earn an income.

My go-to George Costanza meme

I still find it odd that a child (let’s be real, we are still children at 18) is expected to have an idea of what they want in life as a school leaver. What I wanted at 18 versus what I want as a 25 year-old could not be any more different. This is evidenced by where I find myself in this present moment in time. Which is sitting in front of my laptop at home, with my stationery and textbooks laid out in front of me, studying for a test.

The details are irrelevant. The point I am trying to make is that we will never accurately predict our life’s path, despite the human urge to try and plan for it. What I am learning (every day) is to allow life to take its course without interference on my part. Life is more enjoyable when we let it happen on its own. Do not get me wrong, make plans and have ideas of the kind of life you would like to live; just don’t go out of your way to control it.

What I hope to explore in these ramblings of an unemployed, stay-at-home adult is navigating life as a young, Black woman who’s had to adjust to living a life I had not planned for. Spoiler alert: it works out.

I should be able to post a new thought every Friday henceforth. If I fail, just know life got the better of me and it will come soon. Given a chance.

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